$ 67 billion for Bitcoin and crypto: new study reveals the biggest digi investors

Bitcoin and the crypto market have finally blossomed after a long wait of two years. The cryptocurrency broke its $ 11,000 resistance earlier this week, leading to double-digit gains on a wider range of altcoins. Companies like Coin Metrics (a provider of crypto market data and investments) believe that if these growth rates were maintained, the current daily volume of Bitcoin would  “take less than 4 years of growth to match the daily volume of all US stocks and less than 5 years to exceed the daily volume of all US bonds ”. But who buys cryptocurrencies worth billions of dollars at all? A recent survey has the answer.


$ 67 billion for cryptocurrencies

A new study by Cornerstone Advisors concludes that 15 percent of American adults now have Bitcoin or other altcoins, with half of the investors who are investing in crypto for the first time arriving in the first six months of 2020. The new investors acquired Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies averaging over $ 67 billion in 2020, or $ 4,000 per person. However, that number is still less than last year’s $ 111 billion, or $ 7,000 per person. The USA is also a leader in crypto adaptation. According to the survey, America had a 15 percent penetration of investment in digital assets and awareness among the top ten countries from 2019 (the numbers may have changed since then).