Bitcoin to millions of households with Greyscale

The latest rally has also rekindled media interest in Bitcoin. Grayscale is ensuring that it stays that way with a US-wide advertising campaign. Grayscale Investments, one of the world’s busiest asset managers in the crypto sector, has announced a US-wide TV campaign for Bitcoin. The campaign is due to start next week with commercials on the CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, and FOX Business channels. This was announced by Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert on Twitter. Silbert commented euphorically:  “We’re going to brrring crypto to the masses. [sic]”

Millions of people have been reached
The broadcast potentially reaches an audience of millions and could be an important impetus for adaptation. After all, Grayscale is an extremely influential asset manager in the crypto market, who should also reach a more conservative audience through the advertising campaign. However, the advertising films should not be broadcast for completely unselfish motives. Ultimately, the company should also hope for an increase in customers. Grayscale Investments is a “big player” in the Bitcoin ecosystem, which is expanding its influence by constantly increasing spending in corresponding crypto funds. With more than 1.7 percent of all circulating Bitcoin, Grayscale is a blue whale among whales that keeps puffing up.