Gold in the Corona crisis: it keeps going

The fog on the financial markets appears to be temporarily clearing. Gold prices and stock markets rise again. In the end, however, what counts as best as possible for the next currency reform.


Gold is no good?

Again and again, there is hasty swaggering on the financial side, gold is of no use in crises. Even after the Lehman bankruptcy in 2008, these analysts were wrong with their theses. Maybe because they only know the precious metal from the stock exchanges? Yes, everything that was quoted in euros, US dollars and other credit currencies has rushed into the basement in the past few weeks: stocks, bond prices, Bitcoin and also precious metals. The question is, what remains when our economic and financial system collapses? When the light goes out. Suspend stock exchanges. Physical gold is not an investment (with “paper gold” it looks a little different), but it brings wealth through the crisis – nothing more and nothing less. After the currency reform is settled. In view of the rescue benefit programs now in place, this scenario is likely to become more realistic every day.