Is Covid-19 killing the Bitcoin companies?

The employees of the British digital bank Revolut are currently turning their backs on their employer in heaps. The bank is cutting some jobs at the same time, but it should still be in the black. Is it only a matter of time before the company goes down the drain?


Extreme features

The negative press is slowly taking on extreme features, as the media reported in April that the digital bank was facing a major upheaval. Eight people who worked in key positions left the house from the boardroom. Now further exits at the financial institution have become public, this time it appears to be employees of the human resources department.


Terminations and job cuts

The climate in the company is like that of a shark tank, and savings are made at every turn. There is no budget left for the qualified people, so they look for better paid jobs. The job cuts are currently being added, which Revolut explains with the current pandemic. The lockdown is intended to save costs. They tried to protect all jobs, if necessary also by giving up the salary. The company currently has approximately 2,200 employees around the world and will cut approximately 60 jobs.