SatoshiQuest opens Bitcoin scavenger hunt in Minecraft

Bitcoin enters the block world of Minecraft. In SatoshiQuest, the hunters of digital gold can put their skills to the test and, with a little luck, transfer the treasure to their own wallet.

SatoshiQuest demonstrates how crypto-currencies can open up to a larger audience far away from traders, brokers and hodlers. On the Minecraft server, players can compete against each other for a hidden reward in the form of Bitcoin.


The digital gold in Minecraft on the trail

In order to participate in the race, it is first necessary to set up your own in-game wallet. Players can use this to pay for lives and receive winnings. But external wallets should also be able to connect to the Minecraft server. After the players have paid one US dollar for a life of their character, the search for the treasure, which is located in the vicinity of the game world, begins.

Ninety percent of the total game fees go to the treasury, the remaining 10 percent go to the developers. Consequently, the more players take part in the digital scavenger hunt, the higher the profit. If a treasure is tracked down, the lucky player receives 85 percent of the stored assets, while the remaining 5 percent remain in the wallet until the next round. If a treasure is found, the game resets and starts over again. In addition, the project is open source and the code is available on GitHub.


A block success story

Minecraft has been booming since its release. In the course of its nearly ten-year existence, more than 180 million copies of the game have already been sold worldwide. This makes it the most successful video game in the world, ahead of the popular block-based classic Tetris.

In the game, players can create huge worlds composed of blocks and corresponding game modes on their own servers. The Minecraft servers BitQuest and PlayMC integrated Bitcoin into the game mechanics even before SatoshiQuest.



SatoshiQuest joins a range of games that transfer digital currencies to the world depicted. In the open-world game No Man’s Sky, Bitcoin were hidden, which can be discovered on the interstellar journey.

In-game purchases are also becoming increasingly established in the video game sector. Games such as CryptoKitties allow the player to tokenize certain items. All in all, a huge market is open for the implementation of crypto currencies in video games. So far, however, many ideas are still in the development phase.