Tyler Winklevoss paid 312 Bitcoin for a space flight in 2014

Tyler Winklevoss wants to go high

For a normal earner, the first sum is unaffordable for space travel. For millionaire Tyler Winklevoss, the price is probably secondary. Still, it’s interesting to see how Bitcoin’s price has changed in just four years.The businessman, who founded the Gemini crypto exchange with his twin brother Cameron, bought the ticket in January 2014. This secured him a seat on a Virgin Galactic passenger flight.

If you converted the price into US dollars using the course at the time, he paid around $ 250,000 for the ticket. Now the Bitcoin that he paid back then would be worth 2,637,500 euros. Even if the Bitcoin price is currently in a negative trend, the cryptocurrency BTC Direct is still worth 8,234 euros. In comparison, a Bitcoin in January 2014 only cost € 633.52.


The pizza moment

The co-founder of Gemini called the purchase his “Bitcoin Pizza Moment”. He alludes to the history of Bitcoin pizza. It is the first Bitcoin transfer for a service.

In May 2010, the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 Bitcoin in exchange for two pizzas in the BitcoinTalk forum. Jeremy Sturdivant, who responded to the request with the nickname Jercos, accepted Hanyecz’s offer. Hanyecz then ordered two pizzas from Papa John’s and had them delivered to Sturdivant. This promotion is still celebrated as a Bitcoin Pizza Day by crypto fans around the world. It is also interesting to compare what value Bitcoin would have in the meantime. With 10,000 BTC, Hanyecz would pay around 82 million euros for two pizzas today.