UEFA kicks a million EM tickets to the Blockchain

UEFA has started block-chain-based ticket sales for the upcoming 2020 European Championship. The mobile payment system is to handle the sale of over one million tickets and will help black marketeers in the future.

The European football association UEFA is selling a contingent of more than one million tickets for the upcoming 2020 European Championship via a block-chain-based mobile app. The new system is designed to stop the ticket black market and illustrates the potential uses of the technology in the event industry.


Kick-off for ticket sales

After UEFA has already put a contingent of 20,000 tokenised VIP tickets into circulation, the association is now opening the gates to the sporting event of the year to all other football fans. The system has already been successfully tested at the UEFA Nations League finals in June 2019. With 110,000 tickets, around 80 percent of the ticket contingent could be handled with blockchain.

The introduction of the system should improve ticket sales overall. This is also necessary in view of the logistical challenges that seem to reach new dimensions this year. According to the press release, UEFA EURO is already the most requested European Championship of all time, with a total of 28.3 million ticket requests from over 200 countries and territories. In addition, for the first time, the European Championship will be held in twelve different countries and will run from Bilbao to Baku.

Fans who have purchased their tickets from December 2019 onwards will already receive them via the Mobile Ticket App. The app will be available for download for Android and iOS mobile phones towards the end of May. The tickets will find their way to their owners at least seven days before the respective matches. In total, UEFA expects to sell one million mobile tickets for the 51 matches.

In addition, there is a side-effect of the change in the ticketing system: the mobile ticket versions help to avoid vast amounts of paper.


Black market offside

Regulated ticket sales by block chain are intended to prevent the trade of both counterfeit and overpriced tickets on the secondary markets. By activating the QR codes of the tickets via Bluetooth only as soon as the fans are near the stadiums, counterfeits and duplicates should be eliminated.

The only thing that could interfere with the football experience is a flat battery.