Wold of Warcraft soon on Blockchain? – What are NFT games?

One of the major applications are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each token is unique and not interchangeable. You can read more about the principle of NFTs in the following article.

NFTs are particularly well suited for displaying virtual objects (e.g. in games). The player controls his virtual objects, such as crypto currencies, via the private key. No central instance can dispute his virtual property. NFTs can be traded on crypto exchanges, just like crypto currencies. A decentralized crypto exchange for NFTs is for example opensea.io.

The fact that players own virtual items is nothing new, but the fact that they can dispose of them alone and independently is only made possible by block chain technology. But what about NFT games at present. We present the 5 most popular NFT games at the moment.

For our analysis, we refer to the “StateoftheDapps” page, which shows the activity, and keep our ranking list according to the current number of users.


1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands currently has the most users. There are currently around 4,000 players per day on the gaming platform. Splinterland, formerly Steemmonsters, is a card game on the Steem Platform. You collect different cards. The cards have characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

You compete in battles with your cards against other players. Which cards you own and the course of your fights are stored in the Steem Blockchain. There is a marketplace where you can trade your items. Virtual items worth around $12,000 are currently being traded each week.


2. My crypto heros

This is a role play game on the Ethereum Blockchain. You collect items and fight against other players. Features and secrets are constantly being unlocked to help you advance.

The items and properties are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded. My Crypto Heros currently has around 4,000 active players per day. The weekly transaction volume of the virtual items is around $8,000


3. Prospectors

Prospectors is an online multiplayer strategy game. The game uses the EOS and WAX blockchain. Like EOS, WAX is based on the EOSIO software. The action takes place in the time of the gold rush. You build up a business and win further assets and items. These are secured in your EOS account. You can trade the items. Good players earn good money. At Prospectors there are currently around 2,000 players active daily.


4. Knight Story

Knight Story is a role playing game on the Ethereum Blockchain. It works similarly to EOS Dynasty. At the moment about 1,000 people play the game every day. As with all other NFT games, the items are managed by the Blockchain and can be traded.


General situation of NFT games

With around 14,000 players playing the 5 biggest NFT games every day, this area is still quite manageable. Big games such as League of Legends or World of Warcraft together have over 1,000 times the number of players.

With the standardization of interfaces and trading places the big games will probably follow suit or the number of players will grow. In the end, players will not even notice whether their virtual items are managed centrally or by a block chain.

Due to the economic and logistical advantages of the block chain, however, it is certain that this area will experience significant growth.