YouTuber sentenced: 50 years for kidnapping and extortion

A former YouTuber was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He arranged for a kidnapping to be extorted of $ 100,000 in Bitcoin.

The 25-year-old Mexican YouTuber Germán Abraham Loera Acosta was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He had kidnapped a woman in Chihuahua, Mexico in February 2018.Acosta is one of six men convicted of the kidnapping. The group claimed $ 100,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for the release of 33-year-old lawyer Tania Denisse.In addition to Acosta, Jassiel Omar Molina Ceballos, Jesús Adrián Mendoza Pérez, Edgar René Subías Rubalcaba, Jesús Arnulfo Ochoa Martínez and Juan Alfonso Puerta Holguín were convicted.


Digital footprint made it possible to persecute kidnappers

Acosta rented a house where the victim was held. They communicated with the authorities over the Internet, demanding a ransom equivalent to the equivalent of approximately $ 103,000.The authorities described Acosta as “very experienced” in anonymous internet communication. Despite his technological ability, the authorities were able to trace the bitcoins that were sent to the kidnappers.


Ransom collected from authorities

After receiving the ransom, Acosta wrote to the founders of the Mexican cryptocurrency Bitso on Twitter: “I would like to speak to you. We are the marketing director of the largest Bitcoin casinos in the world.” Bitso did not respond to the message.Forty-eight hours after first communicating with Acosta, the Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Anti-Kidnap Unit saved Denisse. The kidnappers were tracked down by the state cybercrime agency.

The entire ransom was fully recovered by law enforcement officers when the kidnappers were arrested. Three vehicles, a weapon and the cell phones used to negotiate the ransom were also confiscated during the operation.Acosta is a former YouTuber with tens of thousands of viewers. He claimed to be the director of a marketing company. He is also said to have participated in the World Congress for Young Leaders for Peace in Mexico in June 2017.